Dov Yarden

Dov YardenDov Yarden serves as CEO of NGO Monitor, a position he has held and expanded since 2008. He oversees the management and day to day operations of the organization, and is responsible for all aspects of NGO Monitor’s finances as well as for financial planning, personnel, and donor relations.

Prior to joining NGO Monitor, Dov spent 20 years as a hi-tech entrepreneur. He was a founder of Unicorn Solutions, a company that develops software for metadata management. Dov managed their global Information Technologies and Administration. In 2006, Unicorn Solutions was bought by IBM.

After leaving IBM, Dov desired to return to the “start-up” world, and was intrigued by the opportunity to apply his business experience and the logic of the high-tech industry to another relatively new organization, NGO Monitor. Upon joining NGO Monitor, Dov filled a much needed void, aiding the organization in growing from a six person team to an organization of over 25 full-time staff. Dov’s leadership has led NGO Monitor to become recognized around the world for its unique work in monitoring human rights organizations’ activities and donors in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Dov served in the Israel Defense Forces and has lived in Israel for over 30 years with his wife and five children