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Open Letter to German Political Foundations regarding the Israeli debate on foreign government funding for political advocacy NGOs

Exchange with Diakonia on Breaking the Silence exhibition and allegations against NGO Monitor

Dutch government response to NGO Monitor report

Correspondence with Belgium on NGO Funding

Ascherman accusation

“Too Late” says NGO Monitor

Letter to Rachel Liel of NIF-Israel on the "rape" poster

Letter regarding NIF funding

The New Israel Fund (NIF) on May 12 issued a statement falsely claiming that NGO Monitor “knowingly published false information.”The latest NIF grant information lists CWP as having received almost $300,000 from 2006-2009.

Letter to Rachel Liel - NIF-Israel Executive Director

Dear Ms. Liel, The version of our conversation on Wednesday reported in NIF’s press release entirely distorts and misrepresents the facts. In addition, the continued uncivil attacks on me and on NGO Monitor’s fully documented research, and the attempts to silence documented analyses of NIF’s political funding and activities, are the antithesis of the progressive and liberal values you claim to support....

NIF misguided but not anti-Zionist

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