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Coexistence activities don’t work

Letter to NIF after smear about the Solidarity Movement "rape" poster

New Israel Fund circulated a press release by Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement that misrepresents facts surrounding the "rape" poster and NGO Monitor's statement about it.

“Israel-firsters” and Antisemitism – A Response to Connie Bruck (New Yorker)

Contrary to the claims in the New Yorker, the term “Israel firsters” meets the European Union Working Definition of Antisemitism.

Response to David Remnick's Assessment of Israeli Democracy in the New Yorker

Response to The McGill Daily

NGOs warrant greater scrutiny

Concerning HRW's Sarah Leah Whitson - Inaugural Provost’s Lecture on Human Rights UC Davis

Don't silence discourse on NGO funding

Open Letter to German Political Foundations regarding the Israeli debate on foreign government funding for political advocacy NGOs

Exchange with Diakonia on Breaking the Silence exhibition and allegations against NGO Monitor

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