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NGO Monitor in the media

Grapevine Article on Begin Prize

NSWJBD/Honest Reporting Israel Mission Day 6

Continuing Menachem Begin’s Legacy

This year’s Begin Prize will be awarded to NGO Monitor, "a leading organization defending the State of Israel and the Jewish people".

Tensions Run High During Knesset Debate Over Beduin Resettlement

French NGO Condemned for One-Sided Film on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

“Broken Hopes,” whose bias was revealed through research by NGO Monitor, presents the views of three anti-Israel spokespeople who are in various ways connected to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions (BDS) movement or to organizations that oppose Israel’s existence.

Media Impact: German Funding for Political NGOs Active in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Watchdog Group: Germany Funding Anti-Israel NGOs that “Oppose Peace,” “Promote Demonization”

NGO Monitor report outlines German government funding that “supports radical organizations that oppose peace, and promote demonization, biased boycott movements as part of political warfare, and in some cases blatant antisemitism.”

Study: Main German Political Party Foundations Fund Anti-Israel Activity

NGO Monitor: MIFTAH NGO, which received German funding, accuses Israel of massacre, war crimes and apartheid.

Watchdog Group Finds German Government Indirectly Funding Anti-Israel Organizations

A new report from watchdog NGO Monitor has found that the German government has indirectly been funding organizations that engage in anti-Israel activity.

Should Israel Define More War-Crime Charges?

According to NGO Monitor, NGOs like Yesh Din are fundamentally problematic from the outset, as they are heavily funded by the EU and other groups trying to delegitimize Israel.

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