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Economic Cooperation or Economic Warfare?

Jody Sieradzki maintains that Dutch leaders must examine the impact of policies that provide government funds to NGOs that promote activities such as BDS campaigns, which interfere with peace, economic cooperation, and development.

Medical NGOs´ Unhealthy Practice

Instead of promoting medical assistance on the basis of universality and political neutrality, medical NGOs and their representatives have become central players in the demonization of Israel.

Israel’s Negev Bedouin Challenge and the Exploitation of Human Rights

Emily Ziedman maintains that the detailed examination that is required in the context of the Negev Bedouin issue is not reflected in the activities and statements of political advocacy NGOs and their leaders.

Group’s message emboldens enemies, delegitimizes Israel

Naftali Balanson argues that if Breaking the Silence and those who support it do not want to be seen as hypocritical, they should be honest about the complexities facing the Israeli army and end their international demonization campaign.

The Cynical Manipulation of Israel’s Beduin Citizens

Members of the NGO network exploit the complexity of the Beduin to promote the broader process of anti-Israel demonization.

Reality Contrasts Sharply with Anti-Israel Propaganda

A Still, Small Leftwing Voice Against BDS

Dear UK Methodists: BDS is Immoral – Reject it

The Methodist Church in Britain has but one moral option: reject BDS.

Israel, Stay Away From the UN Human Rights Council Farce

Israel was right last year to end contact with the UN Human Rights Council, and the reasons it gave then - its obsessive bias and double standards targeting the Jewish State -are just as relevant today.

Europe’s Strange Bedfellows

The EU and European governments must openly and honestly explain to the Israeli public and their own taxpayers what motivates funding to highly politicized NGOs.

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