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Advancing ‘leftist’ agenda, online mag +972 serves to strengthen Israel haters

Noa Shaindlinger, who has written for +972 Magazine, wrote on her Facebook page, “We may have some good news later this morning (hint: IOF accident with casualties).”

Another day, another EU leak

Naftali Balanson and Ariella Kimmel examine how Breaking the Silence, an EU-funded NGO, were involved in leaking an internal EU document that was highly critical of Israeli policy.

Israeli political NGOs and the transparency law

Naftali Balanson discusses the impact of NGO Monitor's report on the Israeli NGO Transparency Law, and the angry and uncivil backlash of some political advocacy NGOs.

HRW’s Flip Flop

Ariella Kimmel shows how Human Rights Watch, one of the world’s largest human rights organizations, got the "Arab Spring" wrong.

The immoral agenda of Human Rights Watch continues

Opening the door on EU funding

Yitzhak Santis describes the role of European funding in the Durban strategy of demonizing and isolating Israel.

Who’s afraid of a little transparency?

Naftali Balanson notes that instead of engaging critics, many members of the powerful NGO network demonize and censor them. The commitment of these same “human rights” NGOs to the principles of democracy and transparency in government disappears.

Showdown between UN Human Rights Council and Israel?

The UN, HRW, and the other organizations that are responsible for the dysfunctional state of affairs at the Human Rights Council have no one to blame but themselves. If the collapse of UPR is what it takes to force real change at the HRC and to end the stranglehold of abusive regimes at that institution, it will be worth it.

The Oxfam partnership is a major gamble for the Board

Irony of EU funding

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