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Transparent meddling, opaque funding: the EU and NGOs

Prof. Gerald Steinberg argues that EU officials are reluctant to detail funding for Israeli and Palestinian NGOs because they fear public criticism of the EU´s use of these NGOs to manipulate Israeli democracy.

‘Tis the Season: how anti-Israel NGOs are abusing Christmas

Left behind by their own revolution: women and the Arab Spring

Ariella Kimmel writes on women’s rights in the Middle East since the Arab Spring, and the failure of NGOs. Looking at Egypt as a case study, she argues that human rights groups, such as HRW, have failed the women of the region, who have remained marginalized following the revolution.

Bigger fish to fry: Balancing human rights and security

From Tragedy to Farce: International Human Rights Day 2012

Prof. Gerald Steinberg reminds us of the abject failure of organizations that claim to promote human rights principles. Ignoring the pleas of victims around the world, they routinely exploit the rhetoric of international law as a weapon in the political war targeting Israel.

When Do We Get to Celebrate the End of Slavery?

The dark knights of human rights

Human Rights Organizations Overlook Female Genital Mutilation to Focus on Israel

The plight of Jewish refugees is being ignored

Lessons learned?

Prof. Steinberg analyzes the Israeli government's preparedness for "standard claims made by ideological groups like Amnesty and Oxfam," which "made a huge difference in the second Gaza war."

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