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Why Does the EU Continue to Fund Anti-Peace NGOs?

Gerald Steinberg asserts that the European Union and its member states are actively promoting and funding the boycott and isolation of Israel.

BDS and Oxfam Defeated at the Super Bowl

Gerald M. Steinberg maintains that by standing firm, Johansson and the owners of SodaStream demonstrated that even the most full-blown BDS attacks can be defeated.

The Exploitation of Human Rights

Shira Michael maintains that while the declared goals of Oxfam are admirable, its politicization is troubling and revolting.

BDS Network Infiltrating Holland

Emily Ziedman, highlighting NGO Monitor research, maintains that the same Dutch government that opposes boycotts has been allocating Dutch taxpayer money to the NGOs that lobby for BDS.

Ariel Sharon and HRW’s Anti-Israel Obsession

Gerald Steinberg maintains that HRW’s obsessive attack on recently deceased former PM Ariel Sharon highlights the organization´s consistent anti-Israel obsession.

Pavlovian obsession: Human Rights Watch targets Ariel Sharon

How European Governments Propel the Boycott War

Gerald Steinberg maintains that the BDS campaign is financed by hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, pounds, and krona provided to NGOs that operate cynically under the façade of human rights and similar ethical principles.

Breaking the Silence is Part of the Problem in the Israel Debate

Josh Bacon maintains that instead of working against demonization, Breaking the Silence is providing a thin veneer of Jewish justification for campaigns that single out Israel by exploiting human rights and other moral claims.

St. James Church Creates a Barrier to Peace

Christmas Spirit Gone Awry

Avigail Sugarman asserts that the abuse of Christmas messages is part of a broad international campaign to introduce political warfare against Israel into churches.

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