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How Europe´s Good Intentions Harm Gaza

Gerald Steinberg claims that before European calls for peace in the Mideast can be taken seriously, Brussels must become a more responsible player by keeping closer watch over whom and what it funds.

Terror tunnels, embargoes and human rights

Josh Bacon claims that the discovery of a Gaza terror tunnel network should cause NGOs and their European government funders to rethink their ongoing campaigns against Israeli policies.

The Faux ´Investigations´ of Human Rights Watch

NGOs and the Next 'Goldstone' Fiasco

Naftali Balanson maintains that NGOs claiming to promote human rights should be campaigning to eliminate the threat in the South, instead of preventing Israel from exercising the most basic human right – the right to life.

The Goldstone Effect

Gerald Steinberg maintains that highly politicized NGOs continue to promote false allegations that fuel BDS campaigns and "lawfare" cases against Israeli officials.

The war that Kerry and Indyk began

Gerald Steinberg asserts that political leaders who deal with fates of nations must be bound by the terms of the Hippocratic Oath: "First, do no harm."

The Gaza Numbers Game

Anne Herzberg presents the numbers and statistics that NGOs do not publish in their simplistic narratives.

The Palestinian War on Children

Anne Herzberg maintains that depraved exploitation and abuse of children as targets and weapons will not end so long as the UN, members of international community and NGOs continue to enable these atrocities.

There is No "Cycle of Violence"

Gerald Steinberg maintains that attempts to create a false symmetry between terrorists and their victims are tragically misleading and brutally immoral.

What Israel is Allowed to do

Gerald Steinberg maintains that while Israel is acting according to international legal norms in its operation to locate the three kidnapped teenagers and root out terrorist infrastructure, a number of NGOs consistently accuse Israel of acting illegally.

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