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The Norwegian Government Takes a Direct Hand in Supporting and Promoting the Pro-Hamas Book ´Eyes in Gaza´ Into a Bestseller in Norway

The Case Against Human Rights

To the misled doctors, pseudoscientists and 9/11 supporters in Gaza

Behind the facade at Parents Circle, messages that are deeply disturbing to bereaved families

Did You Know? Breaking the Silence....

Did you know that the “Breaking the Silence” political NGO in Israel is largely funded by foreign donors like the EU, governments of Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, and organizations like the New Israel Fund and George Soros’ Open Society Institute? Donations amounted to more than 3 million shekel in 2011.

"Breaking the Silence" campaigns to discredit the IDF make the organization a critical ally of those seeking “the complete international isolation” and demonization of Israel. Read

Truth be Told, Israeli Students in South Africa

Robert Bernstein´s Remarks upon Receiving Dr. Bernard Heller Prize

Israel right to say 'Enough!' to grotesquely biased UNHRC inquiry

IDF Response to B'Tselem on Crowd Control Weapons

Apartheid link is born of ignorance

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