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Statement on New Israel Fund and “Salute to Israel Parade” Controversy

NGO Monitor Panels on Women’s Rights in MidEast; and on Role of the UN in Arab-Israeli Peace -- at UN Human Rights Council, 25th Session

Gerald Steinberg and Anne Herzberg will participate in the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of NGO Monitor.

UK Funds Attempt to Sabotage Israel's Judicial System: Norwegian Refugee Council's $20 Million project initiates 677 cases

"Christ at the Checkpoint" Aims to Weaken Evangelical Support for Israel

Previous conferences in 2010 and 2012 advanced the Palestinian nationalist agenda within Evangelical Christian churches, while simultaneously reviving theological antisemitic themes such as replacement theology.

Amnesty International Report Reflects Lack of Expertise and Methodology

Amnesty International accusations are reckless, blatantly biased, and reflect the lack of a credible research fact-finding methodology. Amnesty lacks the expertise and credibility to analyze or assign blame for deaths in the context of violent confrontations in the West Bank.

EU Parliament Head´s Knesset Speech Highlights NGO Warfare

EU Parliament President Martin Schulz’s speech before the Knesset and the controversial incident that took place highlight the damaging relationship between the EU and the network of politicized NGOs.

Prime Minister calls Cabinet Meeting on European BDS Concerns: Background Information and Strategic Options

The most effective and immediate strategy to confront BDS and this form of political warfare is to end the massive funding given to radical NGOs that promote this anti-Israel warfare in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

No Impunity for HRW & Amnesty: Investigate Partnerships in Wake of Al Qaeda Allegations

Prominent international NGOs should immediately undertake independent investigations regarding their procedures for vetting partners, alliances, and affiliations.

NGOs Exploit Holidays for Political Warfare Against Israel

Response to Proposed Restrictions on Foreign Government Funding for Israeli Political Advocacy NGOs

Legislative proposals that go beyond democratic transparency and accountability for these NGOs are ill advised, not enforceable, and damage Israel’s vital national interests.

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