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Exploiting Human Rights and Political Warfare: Lessons from Goldstone

NGO Monitor presented a new report on NGO efforts to promote another "Goldstone" pseudo-investigation at a special event held July 24, featuring a keynote address by Col. Richard Kemp CBE.

NGOs and UN Arab Bloc Team-Up for Next "Goldstone" Mission

On July 23, the UN Human Rights Council, in partnership with NGOs, will hold a special session on the conflict in Gaza and will vote to create another immoral "Goldstone" pseudo-investigation.

Dr. Mads Gilbert: Exploiting Medicine for Propaganda and Hate

Highlighting Mads Gilbert´s background of ideological extremism, NGO Monitor reminds journalists and others of his radical political and ideological biases.

The Murder of Israeli Teens IS a Human Rights Violation

NGO Monitor joins the families, citizens of Israel, the Jewish people, and their supporters in mourning the deaths of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrach.

Antisemitism of Zionism Unsettled and Presbyterian "IPMN" Causes Allies to Pull Support

The exposure of antisemitism within the Israel Palestine Missions Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has caused affiliated organizations to distance themselves from the group dedicated to advancing the BDS campaign against Israel.

Antisemitism exposed within Presbyterian Church activist group behind divestment vote

European governments fund NGO charged with supporting Hamas

Press Conference: "How Germany's funding for radical NGOs damage Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts and strengthen Hamas"

Presbyterian support of divestment a loss for true peacemaking

NGO Monitor denounces the vote in favor of divestment resolutions by the Presbyterian Church (USA) at its biannual General Assembly, calling the vote a "blow to morality and peacemaking" in the Middle East.

Kidnapping, human rights and hypocrisy

Gerald Steinberg asserts that in a moral world the kidnapping of three Israeli teens would have produced immediate and widespread outrage, but in the real world those who claim to promote "human rights" are largely silent.

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