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Human Rights Watch: Patronizingly Minimizing Palestinian Crimes

Human Rights Watch’s refusal to unequivocally condemn terror attacks on Israeli civilians without also condemning Israel again reveals that the organization is lacking credibility and moral integrity.

Amnesty International´s Invented Gaza War Accusations

In advance of a Nov. 5 report to be released by Amnesty International, NGO Monitor emphasizes Amnesty’s lack of professional investigatory methodology and urges journalists to approach all such factual and legal claims with caution.

The Lancet’s Dr. Richard Horton’s Editorial Fails Credibility Test: He must apologize and retract Gaza letter

Horton’s editorial in this week’s Lancet marks another step towards ending the exploitation of this journal for demonizing Israel. At the same time, however, Horton failed to retract or apologize for his own central responsibility for the mendacious “An Open Letter for the People of Gaza” in July 2014.

Ending the Lancet’s Role in Demonization: Analysis of Editor Dr. Richard Horton’s Visit to Israel

NGO Monitor calls for The Lancet´s “Open Letter for the People of Gaza” to be removed from its website immediately and for Editor Richard Horton to issue a formal retraction and apology, both on the website and the next hard copy issue.

NGO Monitor to The Lancet Editor: Israel Visit Will Not Rehabilitate Shattered Reputation

Concerns on Russell Tribunal Appearance at the European Parliament: One-sided framework with judicial facade beneath the dignity of the institution

Authors of anti-Israel letter in The Lancet promote antisemitic video by white supremacist David Duke

World Council of Churches Advocates for Release of Terrorists to Achieve “Peace”

HRW Claims on African Migrants Require Independent Verification

As with HRW’s other statements and publications, its most recent report on African Migrants requires careful examination before being referenced by journalists and policy-makers.

Hon. Michael Danby MP Joins NGO Monitor's International Advisory Board

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