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The Lancet, Richard Horton, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Political War Intensifies

By refusing to seriously address the politicization of The Lancet and the antisemitism of some of its authors, the medical journal and its editor Richard Horton have demonized the Israeli medical community and the Jewish people.

Israel as a "Catastrophe": European-Funded NGOs That Promote the "Nakba" Narrative

Statement on Amnesty International-UK´s Rejection of a Resolution to Campaign against Antisemitism

Amnesty International-UK´s decision to reject a campaign against antisemitism in the UK highlights the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of what was once a leader in human rights advocacy.

Statement on BDS Law Decision in the High Court

NGO Monitor Extends Deepest Condolences on Passing of Amb. Yehuda Avner

Leaked HoMs Report on Jerusalem - Another Example of EU Subcontracting Policy to NGOs

The EU´s dependence on a very narrow group of political advocacy NGOs results in ill-informed and counter-productive policies, discredits EU policy making, and calls into question European officials´ interactions with radical NGOs.

Statement on Amnesty’s Annual Report

In anticipation of the publication of Amnesty International’s Annual Report, NGO Monitor notes that given the organization´s strong ideological biases, particularly targeting Israel, journalists, diplomats, and academics must examine each claim independently.

Statement on Video by Samaria Residents´ Council

NGO Monitor condemns the video produced by the Samaria Residents´ Council, and the imagery used in it.

105 Million NIS transferred from foreign governments to 24 politicized Israeli NGOs

Schabas Resignation: What Else Has Not Been Disclosed?

UN should launch an immediate investigation into corruption and immorality in its ranks.

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