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New Comprehensive NGO Funding Data Base

Methodist and NGOs Join Forces for BDS: Immoral and Harmful to Peace

The United Methodist Church’s decision to embrace BDS against Israel is immoral and damages prospects for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

If Europe Fails to Act, Is Restrictive Legislation Unavoidable?

European governments should make their donations to Israeli NGOs transparent, avoiding the need for Israeli legislation requiring such from these groups.

NGOs Use Christmas to Glorify Terrorism

The Proposed “Agent Provocateur” Law: Unjust and Unjustified

The proposed "Agent Provocateur" Law does not address the problems of foreign government funding for NGOs. The values of transparency and accountability must be pursued, drawing attention to the massive and irresponsible funding from European governments to highly problematic political advocacy NGOs involved in Israeli politics and democracy.

Ideology vs. Research: Peace Now´s NGO Funding Report

Peace Now fails to differentiate between government and private funding, among other methodological issues, and basis its distorted claims about NGO Monitor on an innaccurate article from Ha'aretz that was published five years ago.

NGO Monitor at Danish Parliament: Examine the NGOs Being Funded

Shaun Sacks presented before the Danish parliament on its funding of highly politicized NGOs involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, whose goals and methods contradict the stated objectives of the Danish government.

For NGOs, EU labeling is ´first step´ to BDS, expert says at Knesset hearing

Gerald Steinberg appeared as an expert before the Knesset Finance Committee, on NGO influence over the decision by the EU to label products manufactured beyond the Green Line.

Mapping the BDS Network on University Campuses

Anti-Israel Hijacking of CUNY Student Protests

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