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Foreign Government Funding for Israeli Political NGOs 2009/2010

Partial list of Israeli NGOs that receive foreign government funding. Due to a lack of transparency in and discrepancies between reports by governments and NGOs, this table is incomplete and the numbers are approximate.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: A Legal Farce and Total Failure

The Russell Tribunal Cape Town session was a total failure; none of its stated objectives was achieved. Behind the legal façade of neutrality and credibility were biased “witnesses” and “jurors” who had prejudged Israel’s guilt.

Prescription for Slander: PCATI and PHR-I’s Unfounded Allegations

Lobbying by Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN)

The only geographical or conflict-related working group in EMHRN is the “Working Group on Palestine/Israel and Palestinians” focusing on Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which allows for disproportionate allegations targeting Israel.

The Palestinian Solidarity Movement of Sweden: Taxpayer Money Funds Lobbying of the Swedish Government

The Swedish Swedish government indirectly funds a Swedish NGO, the Palestinian Solidarity Movement (PSM) of Sweden. Some of this money is used specifically to “influenc[e] Swedish foreign policy.” PSM is also an active promoter of BDS campaigns.

Justice and Human Rights Denied: Five Years of NGO Silence on Shalit

Since Gilad Shalit´s capture, human rights NGOs have demonstrated little interest in his human rights. NGOs have also not condemned the immoral extortion exacted by Hamas on Israel, resulting in freedom for hundreds of terrorists, including convicted murderers.

Analysis of Dutch Government Funding for Israeli and Palestinian Political Advocacy NGOs

In sharp contrast to Dutch government policy, direct and indirect funding supports NGOs that are active in BDS campaigns. In their response to this report, the Dutch Foreign Minister and State-Secretary of Foreign Affairs indicated that failure to end these activities may result in a cessation of funding.

Lawfare Drives NGO Network’s September Agenda

NGOs, including NIF-funded ACRI, B'Tselem, and others,
are utilizing the proceedings at the United Nations as a platform for
advancing arguments in favor of legal attacks ("lawfare") against
Israel and for prejudging Israeli responses to violent demonstrations.

The United Kingdom Changes Its Universal Jurisdiction Law

The new law requires the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions before an arrest warrant is issued for a privately-instigated prosecution in which universal jurisdiction offenses have allegedly occurred.

Al Haq: Politics over the Rule of Law

Al Haq is a leader in anti-Israel demonization campaigns through lawsuits (“lawfare”) and BDS activities. Sees Palestinian September initiatives in the UN as an opportunity for more anti-Israel attacks.

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