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EU Documents Repeat False NGO Claims and Increase Tension

Since 2010, six documents from the offices of EU representatives in Israel and the PA have been leaked to the media. The documents repeat many of the false, inaccurate or misleading allegations made by a select group of NGOs that receive much of their funding from the EU and member states.

Update on New Israel Fund (NIF) – April 2012

NIF’s rhetoric, activities, and publications regarding Israel are often divisive and destructive, including stereotyping of minorities and critics, in contrast to NIF’s claimed progressive objectives

NGO Responses to ICC Decision

European-government funded NGOs lobby for latest UNHRC investigation

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution calling for “independent international fact-finding mission...to investigate the implications of the Israeli settlements.” NGOs, including Al Haq, lobbied for this investigation, reflecting their role in political warfare.

International activities by Israeli NGOs

Apartheid Week 2012: All the Usual NGO Suspects

For a number of years, the campaign to demonize Israel has organized around the so-called Apartheid Week, an initiative that fuels the conflict but has largely been a failure. NGOs and NGO activists play leading roles in these events.

Countering the Apartheid Slander

“One State” Conference at Harvard: Analysis of Speakers and NGO Involvement

In contrast to an academic or research framework in which different perspectives are presented, the conference program features an activist workshop. Most of the speakers are heavily involved in anti-Israel advocacy.

HRW in 2011: More Balance, Less Credibility

The Arab Turmoil has impacted HRW’s Middle East and North Africa Division, which increased its focus on closed, repressive regimes. But, HRW sought to erase its previous cooperation with the Qaddafi regime and continued its anti-Israel bias.

The NGOs that Exploited Christmas – 2011

During the 2011 Christmas season, NGOs once again are exploiting the holiday to advance immoral anti-Israel campaigns and, in some cases, crude antisemitism. Through the cynical use of holiday and religious symbols, NGOs do not offer messages of peace and cheer, but rather exacerbate the violent conflict.

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