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HRW in 2011: More Balance, Less Credibility

The Arab Turmoil has impacted HRW’s Middle East and North Africa Division, which increased its focus on closed, repressive regimes. But, HRW sought to erase its previous cooperation with the Qaddafi regime and continued its anti-Israel bias.

The NGOs that Exploited Christmas – 2011

During the 2011 Christmas season, NGOs once again are exploiting the holiday to advance immoral anti-Israel campaigns and, in some cases, crude antisemitism. Through the cynical use of holiday and religious symbols, NGOs do not offer messages of peace and cheer, but rather exacerbate the violent conflict.

The NGO-EU Echo Chamber: Adalah Lobbying in EU Frameworks

Adalah receives significant funding from the EU. At the same time, the organization employs an EU Advocacy Officer to “lobby European Union governments to continue their financial backing of the group.” This is a violation of the principles of good governance in democratic systems.

Yesh Din, the EU, and Lawfare: Exposing the False Claims behind Deceptive Political Campaigns

As part of a wider “lawfare” strategy of pressing “war crimes” cases against Israeli officials in foreign courts and in the International Criminal Court (ICC), foreign funded Yesh Din attempts to portray Israel and its security forces as unaccountable to the rule of law.

Breaking the Silence Outside of Israel

Knesset NGO Transparency Bill: Status Update

NGOs in Israel 101: Background to the Debate and FAQs

The media coverage of these issues, both in Israel and outside, is often distorted and confused. Basic questions about NGOs, NGO funding, and proposed Knesset legislation, need to be addressed.

Foreign Government Funding for Israeli Political NGOs 2009/2010

Partial list of Israeli NGOs that receive foreign government funding. Due to a lack of transparency in and discrepancies between reports by governments and NGOs, this table is incomplete and the numbers are approximate.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: A Legal Farce and Total Failure

The Russell Tribunal Cape Town session was a total failure; none of its stated objectives was achieved. Behind the legal façade of neutrality and credibility were biased “witnesses” and “jurors” who had prejudged Israel’s guilt.

Prescription for Slander: PCATI and PHR-I’s Unfounded Allegations

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