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NGO Letter to MEPs Distorts Israeli Legislation and Context

Israeli Apartheid Week 2010: NGO Involvement

Israeli Apartheid Week (March 1-14, 2010), held in universities and major cities in the US, Canada, and Europe, will feature speakers from NGOs: Adalah (funded by NIF and EU), AIC (Sweden and Christian Aid), PCHR (EU, Oxfam NOVIB, OSI, Christian Aid), Addameer, Badil. A video by Breaking the Silence will be screened in Connecticut. Israeli Apartheid Week is endorsed by Canadian Arab Federation, Independent Jewish Voices, CODEPINK, Adalah-NY, and others.

NIF-Funded NGOs: Goldstone’s Building Blocks

NIF-funded groups and their publications were featured centrally in the Goldstone report. Many of these citations referred to speculative issues unrelated to the conflict in Gaza, seeking to brand Israeli democracy as “repressive.” B’Tselem, Adalah, ACRI, Gisha, PHR-I, and Yesh Din have continued supporting Goldstone and lobbying governments to legitimize the report’s extreme biases and endorse its recommendations. Some NIF grantees campaign against the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish democratic state. Others are active in worldwide boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaigns targeting Israel.

NGO Monitor sues EU over lack of NGO funding transparency

On January 20, 2010, NGO Monitor filed suit against the European Commission in order to obtain vital information related to EC funding of NGOs. After initially rejecting NGO Monitor’s request one year ago, citing unspecified “security” factors, the EC provided a disk of documents with most details deleted. The EC’s allocation process has no transparency regarding decision-making or evaluation procedures. Many of the politicized NGOs funded by the EU are active in the strategy of demonization, seeking to isolate Israel using tactics such as “lawfare” and boycott campaigns.

Overview of Norwegian Funding for NGOs

International Law Series: The Right to Self Defense

The right to self-defense is a cornerstone of international law, enshrined in the UN Charter (Article 51) and numerous Security Council Resolutions. In order to delegitimize Israel’s self-defensive measures, many NGOs have issued statements distorting international law. Al Haq and PCHR falsely claim that Israel cannot invoke self-defense in response to attacks from non-state actors in occupied territory. Human Rights Watch and B’Tselem allege without any evidentiary basis that Israel’s exercise of self-defense is merely a pretext for punishing the Palestinians. Other groups pay lip service to Israeli self-defense.

NGO Gaza War Myths Revisited

B’Tselem’s One-Way Looking Glass

Obsession and Scandals: HRW in 2009

In 2009, Human Rights Watch publications on Israel comprised 28% of its total Mideast output. This is more than Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, and other chronic human rights abusers. HRW issued 34 statements on the Goldstone Report, which out-numbered documents on all the countries in the Middle East, except Israel and Iran. Scandals included a fundraising trip to Saudi Arabia, the revelation that Marc Garlasco is an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia, and founder Robert Bernstein’s NY Times op-ed that strongly criticized the organization’s role in “turn[ing] Israel into a pariah state.”

KAIROS and Political Advocacy: The Facts

Media statements from KAIROS and its supporters have claimed that there is no evidence that the organization was active in anti-Israel campaigns, such as BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions). This information is inconsistent with information published by KAIROS. KAIROS published a “strategy paper” that endorses divestment from Israel, explicitly promoting the campaign in the U.S. Presbyterian Church and led by Sabeel. The text also describes KAIROS’ plans to coordinate these activities among its member churches.

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