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Analysis of EC Response on Funding for Political NGOs

The EU claims to fund projects that advance human rights, peace, tolerance, and confidence building measures, but the activities of many NGO grantees are inconsistent with these goals. The EC’s NGO selection process and the evaluation criteria remain entirely hidden. Responding to NGO Monitor’s request under EU transparency regulations, the EC belatedly provided a CD of about 50 documents, from which most of the relevant information was deleted. Although the EC claims to fund “projects and not organizations,” EC funding can comprise as much as 75% of an NGO recipient’s entire budget.

Who Wrote the Goldstone Report?

Since the beginning of September, NGO Monitor has been investigating questions relating to responsibility for researching and drafting the Goldstone report. The Mission’s webpage does not provide any information on this issue, and repeated requests by NGO Monitor to both Goldstone and the Fact Finding Mission office were ignored. Staff members from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights who were involved in preparing the report have strong links to NGOs.

Promoting Israel´s Isolation: Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands funding for NDC and NGOs

The NGO Development Center (NDC - Ramallah) has distributed $6 million to 25 NGOs on behalf of Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark. The NGO grantees include some of the most radical groups operating in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Many of the recipients employ “apartheid” rhetoric and promote “war crimes” cases against Israeli officials, and some are active members in the Palestinian BDS movement. NDC “facilitated” and funded the “Palestinian NGO Code of Conduct” which demands that Palestinian groups reject “any normalization activities with the occupier.”

Analyzing Human Rights Watch’s Defensive Response to Robert Bernstein

HRW’s founder’s critical op-ed in the NY Times led to a defensive campaign by HRW officials and supporters. These misleading responses use identical language and format. HRW officials did not address Bernstein’s most serious claims: HRW’s role in “turn[ing] Israel into a pariah state” and its loss of “critical perspective” on Iran’s support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Analysis demonstrates that, contrary to the NGO’s claims, HRW does disproportionately focus on Israel, including 30% of the Middle East division’s reporting in 2009; and its “research” is flawed and error-filled.

Goldstone’s NGO partner: The Arab Thought Forum – E.U. funding to Promote Demonization

Goldstone is the chair of the Executive Committee of the Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation. Its Middle East Project to “establish a ‘shared history’” is being conducted in partnership with the Arab Thought Forum (ATF). There is no longer an Israeli NGO partner. ATF employs terms such as “Palestinian Holocaust,” “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “genocide,” and “collective punishment,” while promoting the boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Amnesty’s water report: “Israel-apartheid” allegations

Denmark Update - October 2009

Amnesty International’s Goldstone Campaign, with a review of statements from other NGOs

Amnesty International has issued 15 statements in support of the Goldstone Mission. Members of the commission and its staff have conflicts of interest involving Amnesty. Diakonia, Trocaire, Amnesty-Europe, FIDH, Adalah, PCHR, and Al Haq have used the Goldstone report to bolster their calls for “war crimes” cases. Palestinian NGOs’ press release calling on states to “re-evaluate their relationship with Israel.” B’Tselem condemned the Israeli government for not cooperating with the Goldstone mission and “provided assistance to the investigative staff….”

Human Rights Watch: Selling Goldstone’s Indictment

HRW is leading the campaign to promote the widely criticized “Goldstone report” on the Gaza War, with close to thirty statements to date. Repeatedly equates Israel to Hamas, immorally compare its response to attacks on civilians to the genocide in Sudan, and falsely accuse Israel of “willfully” killing civilians and “deliberate infliction of suffering on civilians.” The close links between Goldstone and HRW continue to constitute a clear conflict of interest. HRW’s extensive media campaign diverts attention from the criticism and scandals that plague the organization.

House of Cards: NGOs and the Goldstone Report

Goldstone relies on statements, publications, and submissions from highly politicized and biased NGOs. This is inconsistent with the claim to have conducted a “fact finding mission.” By adopting the flawed methodologies, false claims, and distortions of international law from the NGOs, Goldstone renders his entire report and its conclusions invalid. The report includes more than 500 direct citations from NGOs that lack credibility. Goldstone and other members of the commission have conflicts of interest involving close links to HRW, Amnesty International, PCHR.

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