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The NGO front in the Gaza war: Human Rights Watch

In the first 16 days of fighting HRW released 11 statements on Gaza, primarily critical of Israel, including many using the rhetoric of international law for political objectives. Sarah Leah Whitson has carried HRW´s campaign to the UN -- and similar to allegations made during the 2006 Lebanon war, HRW´s claims about the IDF´s use of white phosphorus lack credible evidence.

The NGO front in the Gaza war: Oxfam

35 NGOs claiming to promote human rights and humanitarian agendas have issued more than 132 statements on the fighting so far. These reports are a central part of the “soft power” war being waged against Israel, in parallel to the “hard power” rocket and terror attacks. NGO Monitor´s series entitled, “The NGO Front,” will focus daily on different organizations, beginning with an analysis of Oxfam’s role.

Durban NGO Alert: The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) has lobbied for an NGO Forum at the Durban Review Conference, erasing the antisemitism and virulent anti-Israel rhetoric of the NGO Forum at the first Durban conference in 2001. In statements to the UN, WILPF falsely accuses Israel of "relentless destruction of Palestinian infrastructure" and maintaining "more than 650 checkpoints where Palestinians are brutalized and die." WILPF is a member of the Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP), a highly politicized Israeli NGO umbrella group funded by NIF and the EU.

EU and NIF-funded NGOs Lead Condemnations in Gaza Conflict

[UPDATED] Following the pattern in previous conflicts, a number of NGOs immediately issued condemnations of Israel following the IDF response to increasing deadly rocket attacks from Gaza. Many of these statements reflect bias and double standards, and ignore or give little attention to Israeli human rights and casualties. NGOs exploit legal terminology, including terms such as "war crimes," "collective punishment," and "indiscriminate attacks." Some use the fighting in Gaza to repeat calls for boycotts and sanctions as part of the Durban strategy, and accuse Israel of perpetrating a "massacre."

"Hijacked by Hatred": British NGOs Use Christmas for anti-Israel Attacks

Through the use of holiday and religious symbols, NGOs such as War on Want, Amos Trust, and Pax Christi are manipulating Christmas to advance a political agenda, and in some cases, may be promoting antisemitic canards. NGOs also organized an event entitled, "Bethlehem Now: Nine Alternative Lessons and Carols for Palestine"; the tendentious lyrics and themes of the event led to strong condemnations from Christian and Jewish community leaders. War on Want´s "Alternative Gift" of donations to the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Coalition supports the boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement.

Partnerships for Peace? An Analysis of the European Commission´s NGO funding under the PfP Program

Many of the "civil society" organizations funded under the EC´s Partnership for Peace Programme (PfP) exacerbate the conflict and promote biased campaigns against Israel. Some NGOs use rhetoric that promotes the Palestinian narrative and demonization of Israel, including "apartheid," "state terrorism," "naqba," "colonization," and "ghettos." The prime activities of some EC-funded NGOs in this framework are focused on interfering with and manipulating Israeli democracy and politics. EC officials claim to receive professional evaluations of the impact of these projects, but such evaluations are not made available for review.

NGOs and Durban demonization at UN human rights review of Israel

As predicted by NGO Monitor, the majority of NGO submissions to the UN's UPR of Israel ignore human rights issues facing Israelis and areas where Israel is a leader in this field, while grossly distorting the humanitarian, human rights and international legal dimensions of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Nord-Sud XXI, Ittijah, Badil, and PGAAWC exploit human rights terminology and employ inflammatory rhetoric against Israel. Adalah, Amnesty, and others attribute "racist" motives to Israeli policies, instead of acknowledging that these are legitimate responses to Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians.

NGO Lawfare

Christian Aid 2008 Update: Promoting Conflict

Christian Aid, a major British NGO and NGO-funder, endorses a highly biased approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It dismisses the impact of Palestinian terrorism and focuses disproportionately on alleged Israeli "violations." Christian Aid´s partners are among the most radical NGOs in the region -- including Sabeel, ICAHD, and the AIC -- which actively promote BDS campaigns. Christian Aid receives substantial funding from the British and Irish governments.

Israel will not attend Durban II

On November 19, 2008, Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, announced that Israel will not participate in the Durban Review Conference in Geneva in April 2009, joining Canada as the only governments to formally boycott the conference. She noted the ´Draft Outcome Document,´ which "singl[es] out and delegitimiz[es] the State of Israel," and "legitimiz[es] hatred and extremism and anti-Semitism under the banner of a fight against racism." The US, the UK, France, and Denmark have threatened to boycott the conference, as well.

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