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U. S Court and Swiss Parliament Support Greater NGO Accountability Following NGO Monitor Reports

Texas Court Dismisses "baseless" case against NGO Monitor; and our SDC report prompts Swiss parliamentary initiative and media interest in funding for politicized NGOs.

War on Want Wages War on Israel (Update)

War on Want is a powerful British charity claiming to fight poverty in developing countries, but NGO Monitor´s report details its leading role in divisive political campaigning to isolate and demonize Israel.

Norwegian Funding for Politicized NGOs

Norway is a significant donor of humanitarian and development funds to the Palestinian Authority. However, some of this money is provided to NGOs that are engaged in intense political advocacy campaigns directed against Israel, as shown in this detailed analysis.

Amnesty and HRW Claims Discredited in Detailed Report

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) led the campaign that condemned Israeli military actions in the Lebanon war (July/August 2006) as violations of international law. This NGO Monitor report compares the documented evidence presented in a new Intelligence and Terrorism Center report with HRW’s and Amnesty’s claims.

"International Human Rights Day 2006 – NGO Complicity in Exploiting Human Rights Norms"

December 10, 2006, is International Human Rights Day. Amnesty International head, Irene Khan, symbolizes the disproportionate focus that many NGOs place on Israel by marking the Day with a visit to the security "fence/wall" during her current trip to the Middle East...

"NGO Statements on Gaza Reflect Ideological Positions"

Major international NGOs fail to distinguish between deliberate attacks on civilians and Israel´s efforts to avoid civilian casualties, and many ignore Palestinian use of human shields.

NGO Monitor Analysis Cited by UK Parliamentary Committee Reviewing Aid to Palestinian NGOs

The British government, via the Department for International Development (DFID), provides an estimated £80m annually in funds designated for assistance to the Palestinians, and for efforts to further...

Human Rights Falsehood: Opeds and Letters

Including Gerald Steinberg examining international NGOs’ persistent attacks on Israel’s methods of self-defense, "Human-Rights Falsehood", Washington Times, Gerald Steinberg, October 23, 2006

"UK parliamentary select committee on International Development discusses NGO Monitor´s evidence on Christian Aid and UK funding for NGOs that work in Israel and with Palestinians-Hear Recording at 1hr 2min 28secs"

"European Union Support for Extreme and Politicized NGOs"

This report details how a number of European Union (EU) funded Palestinian and Israeli NGOs, persistently campaign against Israel in international forums, employ biased rhetoric aimed at de-legitimizing Israeli security policies and are fundamentally politicized organizations. Specifically, support for the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, War on Want, MIFTAH and the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions contradicts stated EU policies of supporting "less politicized, more practical activities which will promote communication and understanding."

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