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Ford Foundation: 2006 Update on Funding for Political NGOs active in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Ford Foundation continued to fund a number of radical political NGOs in 2006, which abuse rather than build civil society. Despite its pledge not to support such groups after they led Israel demonization at the 2001 Durban Conference, Ford is still funding many NGOs which may play a role in the follow-up Durban II Conference in 2009.

NGO Monitor in the News: Christian Aid, Ford Foundation and the Economist on the campaign for boycotts and divestment

NGO Monitor reports have been cited in a range of publications, informing the debate on NGOs and their role in promoting double standards and the delegitimization of Israel.

Ken Roth and Human Rights Watch FAQs

On September 6, 2007 HRW released yet another report attacking Israeli actions in the Second Lebanon war. This "FAQs" summarizes NGO Monitor´s detailed and extensive research on HRW´s excessive and disproportionate criticism of Israel, its reliance on non-credible sources and its distortion of international law.

Christian Aid´s Myopic Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Continues

Christian Aid, heavily subsidized by the Irish and UK governments, has been criticized for promoting a sharp pro-Palestinian position in its “charitable” activities, and abetting the conflict. In two June 2007 reports, it repeats this pattern. Christian Aid relies on the claims of highly politicized NGOs lacking credibility such as Al-Haq, Palestinian NGO Network, the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, and the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The organization minimizes terrorism and Palestinian corruption and selectively applies international legal terminology reinforced with highly emotive, yet unverifiable anecdotal accounts. These practices constitute a violation of Christian Aid´s stated position of being an "impartial" group working toward peace is entirely inconsistent with the status of a registered charity.

NGO Monitor’s Submission to the 2009 Durban Conference Preparatory Meeting

As NGO Monitor has reported, the UN will be convening a 2009 follow-up to the 2001 Durban Conference. The Preparatory Committee for the 2009 conference is holding its organizational review session from August 27-31, 2007, in Geneva. The meetings will be chaired by Libya and other members of the committee include Iran, Cuba, Russia, and South Africa. A number of international and Palestinian NGOs are also expected to participate. Many radical Palestinian NGOs such as PNGO and LAW played an active role in the preparatory meetings in Tehran leading up to the 2001 Durban Conference and were largely responsible for shaping the anti-Israel and antisemitic agenda of the NGO Forum at Durban. In advance of the session, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has invited NGOs to contribute “reviews” and “written recommendations”. To that end, NGO Monitor has prepared a submission detailing the role of NGOs at the 2001 Durban Conference, the adoption and subsequent promotion of the “Durban Strategy” in NGO campaigning, and offering recommendations to prevent a repetition of these events in 2009.

Ireland: Government Funding for Anti-Israel NGOs

Irish Aid is administered through the Development Cooperation Directorate, a division of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ireland. While its declared objectives are to promote “peace and justice” through a “commitment to human rights and fairness in international relations”, Irish Aid funds highly biased and conflict-producing NGOs such as Trocaire, Al Haq, PCHR, War on Want, World Vision, ICAHD, PARC, and Christian Aid. These and other NGOs are engaged in intense political advocacy campaigns directed against Israel, including promotion of boycotts and the rhetoric of demonization. The following NGO Monitor report on Irish Aid continues our series of analyses which have included the EU, UK, Sweden, and others.

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Funding for anti-Israel NGOs—(GERMANY)

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), funded by the German government, works with many NGOs in the region, some of which are highly politicized and focus their activities on ideological attacks against Israel, rather than on peace, good governance and development. FES partners include the Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center (SHAML), Gisha, Center on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE), and HDIP. The activities of some of these groups include taking part anti-Israel boycotts, demonizing Israel as an apartheid state, promoting Palestinian claims to a "Right of Return," etc. In February 2007, an FES a research report was a one-sided condemnation of Israel´s anti-terrorism activities. In addition, FES funded the 2004 Beirut International Conference on The Islamic World and Europe, jointly organized with Hezbollah´s "Research Department". The support of this German organization for NGOs that deny Israel´s right to self defense and embrace anti-Israel propaganda is particularly disturbing.

Center for Constitutional Rights: Serial Abuse of International Law

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) claims to be a non-profit legal and educational organization which uses litigation “to advance the law in a positive direction and “strengthen the broader movement for constitutional and human rights.” In the past, CCR has been active in advancing civil rights in the United States, but its activities have become more radicalized. This organization contributes to the demonization of Israel and exploitation of international law primarily through its lawsuits against Israeli officials for alleged “war crimes, extrajudicial killing, crimes against humanity, and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” In this process, CCR consistently disregards the context of terror, denies Israel’s right to self-defense, and accuses it of deliberately targeting civilians.

French Government Funding of Political NGOs

The French government provides local and international NGOs with substantial financial support, in addition to its support for the Palestinian Authority. Many of these NGOs, which claim to promote human rights, democracy, and development are in reality engaged in intense political advocacy campaigns directed against Israel, in contravention of French governmental funding guidelines. This report provides an overview of French funding mechanisms and NGO recipients in a method similar to previous NGO Monitor analyses of NGO funding by the European Union, Norway, UK, and Sweden.

Report on HRW’s Activities in 2006: Political Bias Undermines Human Rights

NGO Monitor´s systematic and detailed analysis shows a significant increase in Human Rights Watch´s focus on Israel in 2006, following a decline in 2005, and returning to the disproportionate agenda and lack of credibility characteristic of the 2000-2004 period. HRW publications dealing with Israel used unreliable and unverifiable "eyewitness" accounts, rather than photographic, documentary, or other evidence. These core deficiencies were particularly evident in its reporting on the July-August conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Similarly, HRW continues to use the language of demonization with respect to Israel, compared to publications on other Middle East countries. The evidence in this report demonstrates that despite HRW’s recognition "that international standards of human rights apply to all people equally," this powerful NGO continues to promote an anti-Israel political agenda.

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