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NGO Monitor Annual Report 2006

NGO Monitor´s publications and activities had a major impact on increasing NGO accountability in 2006.

Our research and analyses stimulated debate from government officials, diplomats and academia, to the written and recorded media and blogosphere.

This annual report is a summary of the wide range of research and reporting that we accomplished in 2006. The first section highlights key developments within the major NGOs, while the second looks at themes and events which involved significant NGO activity during the year.

Machsom Watch: Political Agenda in the Name of Human Rights

The Israel-based Machsom Watch monitors and disseminates reports on Israeli soldiers at checkpoints, with the ultimate aim of “ending the occupation.” Machsom Watch publications regularly omit the context of terror and employ human rights terminology, “apartheid” rhetoric and emotive and politically charged language that contribute to the demonization of Israel. In many cases, their allegations are either inaccurate or unverifiable. Machsom Watch is funded by private donors, the New Israel Fund and the EU.

NGO Monitor dialogue with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)

In July 2007, NGO Monitor published a detailed report on the Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung’s (FES) activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The report concluded that, while many of FES´s activities are consistent with its stated mandate to “work towards contributing to the attainment of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians”, other projects involve funding or partnering with politicized NGOs which focus their activities on ideological attacks against Israel, rather than on peace, good governance and development.

NIF Forum: Same Old Same Old

The New Israel Fund has shown many instances of poor judgment, as NGO Monitor’s detailed analyses demonstrate. The large scale NIF support for what are often termed "civil rights" groups seeks to impose the American experience on the very different reality of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The NIForum is a timid response to the growing dissatisfaction and criticism. If they were serious, NIF leaders would hold a really open Forum, and welcome the long-overdue public debate.

Adalah, ICAHD, and Other Political NGOs Promoted in University of Denver GSIS / Hebrew University “Human Rights” Program

The Minerva Center for Human Rights, a program based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is arranging a number of summer courses for advanced students at the prestigious Graduate School for International Studies at the University of Denver. Some of these courses are based on partisan political positions promoted by NGOs with no academic foundations. The “Internship with Israeli and Palestinian Human Rights Organizations” includes the participation of B´Tselem, Machsom Watch, ICAHD, and Adalah.

Sabeel Conferences: Fuelling the Arab-Israeli Conflict

North American Friends of Sabeel (FOS) will be holding its Boston conference on October 26-27, to "look at ways the South African apartheid model of ethnic/racial segregation is applied in Palestine today." Sabeel claims to "promote nonviolence, human rights, [and] international law…," and FOS states that the conference will feature "Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers."

NGO Monitor has documented Sabeel's virulent activities to demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel, including leadership of church divestment campaigns, use of anti-Semitic imagery and rejection of the "two-state solution." In addition to the well-known speakers (including Desmond Tutu, John Dugard - UN Special Rapporteur on the situation in the Palestinian Territories, and Noam Chomsky), this conference is merely another platform for Sabeel (and its NGO partner, the Israel Committee Against Home Demolitions - ICAHD) to advance a highly distorted narrative of the Arab-Israeli conflict that blames Israel for terrorism and ignores Palestinian corruption, and to wage political war against Israel

NGOs and Birthright Unplugged: Plugging into anti-Israel campaigning

Birthright Unplugged--partnered with a number of radical NGOs, some of which receive EU funding-- advances an extreme anti-Israel narrative via its “alternative” tours. The groups meet with officials from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), ICHAD, and Allegra Pacheco from UN OCHA; and receive materials from the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department, and Badil. On this basis, Birthright Unplugged prepares the small number of participants as “Palestinian solidarity” activists and to promote boycotts and demonization in the media, universities and other venues.

Ford Foundation: 2006 Update on Funding for Political NGOs active in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Ford Foundation continued to fund a number of radical political NGOs in 2006, which abuse rather than build civil society. Despite its pledge not to support such groups after they led Israel demonization at the 2001 Durban Conference, Ford is still funding many NGOs which may play a role in the follow-up Durban II Conference in 2009.

NGO Monitor in the News: Christian Aid, Ford Foundation and the Economist on the campaign for boycotts and divestment

NGO Monitor reports have been cited in a range of publications, informing the debate on NGOs and their role in promoting double standards and the delegitimization of Israel.

Ken Roth and Human Rights Watch FAQs

On September 6, 2007 HRW released yet another report attacking Israeli actions in the Second Lebanon war. This "FAQs" summarizes NGO Monitor´s detailed and extensive research on HRW´s excessive and disproportionate criticism of Israel, its reliance on non-credible sources and its distortion of international law.

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