Tent of Nations (TON)


Country/TerritoryPalestinian Authority
In their own words“The organic farm on which the Tent of Nations project is run is known as ‘Daher’s Vineyard’. This land, which stretches to 100 acres, is owned by the Nassar family and is situated 9km southwest of Bethlehem.” The website claims that the “family have been fighting a legal battle to keep hold of the land since it was classified as ‘Israeli State Land’ and thus threatened with confiscation in 1991.”


TON is a private family enterprise run by Palestinian Christian Dauod Nassar, and funded by Christian communities abroad. Does not publish financial information, reflecting a lack of transparency and accountability.


  • Seeks to “embody an approach to conflict and occupation,” “help the oppressed and marginalized to be conscious that they too are powerful,” and “work with others in the local area to lay the foundations for a future Palestine.”
  • According to its website, TON is registered under the Bethlehem Bible College umbrella with support from the Friends of Tent of Nations in Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and North America.
  • TON is a popular destination for pro-Palestinian activists. Offers “programs and facilities for solidarity movements, churches, youth organizations and tourist groups and host a large number of visitors each year,” including delegations of the World Council of Churches and Inter-faith Peace Builders, and others.
    • WCC plays a key role in mobilizing churches worldwide to support international BDS campaigns against Israel.
    • IFBP sends delegations to “Israel/Palestine,” presenting highly one-sided, distorted positions based solely on the Palestinian narrative.
  • Utilizes highly biased and politicized rhetoric, distorting the reality of the conflict and calling the security barrier the “Apartheid wall” and alleging that “everyday …more land is being confiscated for new settlements or expanding the existing ones and more and more Palestinian farmers are attacked by Israeli settlers.”
  • Offered an English course given by the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Israel and Palestine (EAPPI).
    • Founded by the WCC, EAPPI frequently demonizes Israel; promotes BDS campaigns and the Kairos Palestine document, which denies Jewish historical connections to Israel.

Friends of Tent of Nations North America (FOTONNA)

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