Sir, – Sari Bashi’s contorted version of international law (‘Control creates responsibility,’" interview with Ruthie Blum, February 7) would be of little significance without the massive funding that pushes this distorted and destructive version of morality into the headlines and before the courts. As NGO Monitor’s detailed reports demonstrate, Gisha’s funders include a number of European governments – including Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria (via a Gaza-based organization known as Mu’Assasat), Ireland, Norway, and Germany’s Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – in addition to the Open Society Foundation (George Soros), Echoing Green, and the Switzerland-based Drosos Foundation. Many of these also support other NGOs whose main activity is anti-Israel propaganda based on the exploitation of the rhetoric of international law and human rights.

By using Gisha, Adalah, B’Tselem, Machsom Watch and other NGOs to pepper the Israeli courts on behalf of perennial Palestinian victims (Bashi’s agenda ignores Israeli victims of terror); by publicizing reports and holding conferences with these themes, the donors share the responsibility for this moral travesty.

NGO Monitor


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