‘Thirty percent of the money the NIF distributes is channeled to activities aimed at promoting the Arabs of Israel, to raise them to an equal status. This is a central part of the important objective of "a Jewish and democratic state…….."The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel" document, which demands a right of veto over national decisions and cultural autonomy, aroused second thoughts….The NIF gives a lot of money to organizations like Adalah, which played a central role in the provocative document, and this fact compelled Garber to engage in verbal acrobatics. They played a role, he says, but this is not the main issue for which they exist. If they become an organization whose principal objective is to implement the manifest, the NIF will have to reconsider. ……My problem is that the manifest suddenly created a conflict. If the assistance to Arab organizations that promote democracy means the erosion of the Jewish interest, perhaps other ways should be explored."

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