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NGOs:Breaking the Silence (Shovrim Shtika)
Start date:1 Jan 1988
End date:21 Mar 2017

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Background: UK Funding for Breaking the Silence and other NGOs

Millions of shekels are provided by the UK government to a number of highly politicized NGOs - some of the funding is directly granted by government agencies, and other amounts are channelled indirectly by humanitarian aid groups, ostensibly for humanitarian purposes.

Itai Reuveni Arutz Haknesset

Itai Reuveni on Knesset Channel

Itai Reuveni was interviewed on the Knesset channel where he debated MK Haim Yelin (Yesh Atid) and MK Yousef Jabareen (Joint List) on the possibility of new legislation to ban Breaking the Silence from public schools.


Showing 1-10 of 130