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CPAP conference; "Israels Policy of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing"

CPAP Chairman opened its winter conference, Israels Policy of Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing, "In the face of relentless Israeli force, the only weapon the helpless and desperate have is to fling their bodies against the beast. Suicide bombings are no longer the lone act of desperate fanatics

The Anti-Israel Agenda of MIFTAH

The international prominence of Miftahs leaders and heavy networking with diplomats, civil society institutions as well as the media has spread its reports far. Despite its universal goals, the organization has a highly partisan political agenda.

Caritas Internationalis

Caritas represents Israel as an evil state directing an unjust war against an innocent people. Not only does Caritas morph the actions and motivations of an Israeli democracy into a malicious aggressor, the organization alternatively ignores the complicity in terror of the authoritarian Palestinian leadership

Police Discrimination against Arab Students?

The Human Rights Association (HRA) is one of the most-established NGOs in the Israeli Arab sector. It sends out a weekly review of the Arab newspapers in Israel but its articles often reach conclusions and use selective facts, which paint a distorted view of Israeli society.

Showing 1611-1620 of 1624