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"Despite the claims of B’Tselem, the IDF is one of the most principled and disciplined militaries in the world, operating under a strict code of conduct and often facing enemies that readily cast away the human rights of their own women, elderly and children. Despite this asymmetry, the IDF maintains its commitment to minimizing the painful cost of conflict, even going as far as contacting and instructing innocent civilians to leave targeted areas. This is one of dozens of examples of the documented policies of the IDF, examples that B’Tselem finds no need to address in its discourse on human rights and armed conflict. While undoubtedly there exist examples of criminal behavior in the IDF, B’Tselem draws broad conclusions about the character of the IDF from insufficiently few examples." "While legitimate questions can be asked about the methodological approach on which B’Tselem operates, the greatest problem with Raz and B’Tselem is their disregard for the impact of their work. Stating that their intention is improving the moral fabric of Israeli society is not an excuse for providing ample material for groups and organizations such as the UN Human Rights Council and others whose de facto missions have become the de-legitimization of the State of Israel and a resurgence of virulent anti-Semitism. If B’Tselem’s goal was purely to influence Israeli society, there would be no need to publish its work in English; instead, it provides questionably-accurate evidence to those who wish to tear the fabric of Israeli society that B’Tselem so ardently claims to want to strengthen."