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Filling In The Blanks: Documenting missing dimensions in UN and NGO investigations of the Gaza Conflict

Mon 29 June 2015

UNHRC Panel Events

On Monday morning, June 29, Judge Mary McGowan Davis will present the UN Human Rights Council with her report on the 2014 Gaza War. As with past UNHRC actions, the report ignores the ideology, weapons capabilities, financing, and supply networks of Hamas, and, reflecting the lack of military expertise within the Commission, grossly distorts the laws of armed conflict and military operations.

Due to the inherent bias of the UNHRC framework, Israel will not be speaking when the Gaza report is presented. The main alternative voice will be from a group of eight military, legal, and Middle East experts who will be coming to Geneva from around the world to fill in the blanks of this report.

Organized by NGO Monitor and UN Watch, panel events will be taking place on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 in Geneva, providing expert analysis of the UNHRC report.  Joining the panels will be Colonel Richard Kemp, Professor Gerald Steinberg, Jonathan Schanzer, Uzi Rubin, Hillel Neuer, and Anne Herzberg (please follow this link for invitation, bios and registration details:

The panels will provide the context missing from the UNHRC report, with an emphasis on military and legal issues, and structures of international terror networks.


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