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Note: KAS sponsors many activities in the region, most of which are outside NGO Monitor’s focus on political activities under the banner of human rights and humanitarian aid. Our analyses of KAS are limited to the latter and do not claim to present the full range of activities.


  • 2013 annual budget of €134 million, including €128 million from federal funds (latest financial information available; accessed January 19, 2016). The budgets for individual offices are not available.
  • KAS does not publish complete information regarding partnerships and funding provided to different organizations.
  • As reported by funding recipients:
    • KAS provided $43,331 (2013), $44,702 (2012) and $48,167 (2011) to Palestinian NGO Miftah, which promulgates the Palestinian narrative and regularly demonizes and delegitimizes Israel.
      • In March 2013, Miftah published an article written by Nawaf al-Zaru that repeated the antisemitic blood libel that Jews use Christian blood to bake Passover matzah. After this was exposed, Miftah attacked critics for “smearing” the organization.
      • In March 2015, Michael Brochard, head of KAS Israel, stated: “Since all forms of antisemitism are intolerable for us, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation has not continued cooperation with Miftah…”
    • KAS is listed as a donor of the Palestinian NGO Society of St. Yves. Precise amounts are not provided.
      • St. Yves founder Michel Sabbah authored (together with Naim Ateek of Sabeel and Atallah Hanna) the 2009 Kairos Palestine document. This document claims that Israel falsely defines “armed resistance” as terrorism in order to “distort the real nature of the conflict, presenting it as an Israeli war against terror, rather than an Israeli occupation faced by Palestinian legal resistance aiming at ending it,” (emphasis added). The Kairos document also denies the Jewish historical connection to Israel in theological terms, calls to mobilize churches worldwide in the call for BDS, and compares Israel with the South African apartheid regime.
      • St. Yves published a 2016 report together with Palestinian NGOs Badil and JLAC accusing Israel of “colonization,” “silent transfer,” and “blatant violation[s] of International Humanitarian Law.”


  • Affiliated with the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) political party.
  • Offices all around the world, including in Brussels, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. The political activities of the KAS Ramallah branch contrast significantly with those of the organization as a whole:
    • Work in the “Palestinian Territories” focuses on: “Promoting rule of law and the principle of separation of powers”; “Strengthening the civil society’s decision-making role in politics and society”; “Promoting a peaceful and viable ‘Two-State-Solution’ for the Middle-East conflict in the political discourse and striving towards its implementation.”
    • On December 18, 2013, the KAS offices in Ramallah and Beirut organized a conference, in cooperation with Society of St. Yves, “Palestinian families under threat-10 years ban of family unification in Jerusalem.” The conference aimed to discuss “strategies to counter the discriminatory Israeli policies.” Speakers included representatives from Kairos Palestine, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC is a primary donor of the Society of St. Yves), and the MATTIN group, who “spoke about third states’ possibilities to invoke international law against Israel.”
    • The KAS Ramallah Office partners with a number of highly biased and politicized organizations:
      • The Institute of Law at Birzeit University IoL-BZU – together with European multidisciplinary consulting company NIRAS, IoL-BZU is currently managing the funds of the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat (the “Secretariat”), a joint funding mechanism of Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The Secretariat funds highly politicized NGOs that engage in legal warfare against Israeli officials and companies that do business with Israel; promote BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns; advance a “1948 agenda”; exploit the false “apartheid” analogy to demonize Israel and promote antisemitic propaganda. In February 2014, IoL-BZU published a 15-page report, “Advocating for Palestinian Rights in conformity with International Law: Guidelines” (English and Arabic). This document is a strategic manual for exploiting legal terms and rhetoric to demonize and isolate Israel internationally (“lawfare”), as well as to emphasize that Israel regardless of its borders is among “racist regimes which are absolutely prohibited in their entirety.” (See here for additional information on the Secretariat and IoL-BZU.)
      • The Palestine Strategy Group – a project of British NGO Oxford Research Group. Supports “resistance in all its forms including the growing global movement for boycott sanctions and divestment,” promotes a “right of return” for Palestinian refugees and their descendants, and accuses Israel of “apartheid” and “illegal expropriation and colonization.” Dr. Husam Zomlot, part of ORG’s Middle East Team and co-founder and coordinator of its Palestine Strategy Group, claimed in an interview on BBC (BBC Interview, Aug 20, 2014 starting at 39:21) that “They [Israelis] are fabricating all these stories about beheading journalists in Iraq… it happened somewhere else in Iraq, as if they are fabricating also the story of the Holocaust, that it happened in Europe, not the story itself, but the reason why they are doing this, and using so many other examples to justify their murder of a nation.”
      • Society of St. Yves (see above).
  • In contrast, the overall activity of KAS promotes a deepening of ties and cooperation between Israel and Europe, and specifically Germany:
    • The KAS Brussels branch held an event in May 2016, together with the American Jewish Committee (AJC), facilitating a “European-Israeli dialogue on national security and regional stability.” The event description states: “Rarely have the European Union and Israel shared so many common threats and interests as this period of failing states, Islamist terrorism and porous borders.”
    • The Brussels branch also held an event on January 26, 2017 together with the AJC Transatlantic Institute and the Israeli Mission to the European Union, in honor of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day: “Current Antisemitism: Something Old and Something New?” The event took the form of a “panel discussion designed to identify the sources of this age-old hatred and discuss policy steps EU countries can take to counter it.”
    • Stated aims of the Jerusalem branch include: striving “to preserve and further develop the relationship between Germany and Israel”; “supporting the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law in Israel”; and promoting “ideas and efforts seeking a peaceful coexistence between Israel and its neighbours.”
    • The Jerusalem branch organized an April 2015 conference on “Anti-Semitism and Hatred of ‘The Other’ in Caricatures.”
    • Organized another event “Marking Twenty Years of Israeli-EU Scientific Cooperation” on November 28, 2016: “Participants and attendees of the conference will also take a look into the future and explore how Israel and Germany can benefit from the exchange of knowledge, research, and technological innovations.”

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