World Bank - PNGO Project


Country/TerritoryPalestinian Authority


  • The project’s website states its aims to “strengthen NGOs’ capacity to deliver sustainable services to poor and marginalized Palestinians, while supporting the overall professional, and strategic development of the Palestinian NGO sector.”
  • Split into two phases, the World Bank’s PNGO and PNGO II projects will together have provided US$41.9m for Palestinian NGOs by June 2006.
  • The September 2005 progress report (page 11) for PNGO II reported “substantial” progress in providing “much needed services”, and “targeting the poor and marginalised communities (60% of beneficiaries) and also in terms of their contribution to strengthening the institutional capacity of beneficiary NGOs.”
  • However, PNGO II also funds the Palestinian NGO portal that provides a platform for extremist political NGOs such as PCHR, Al Haq, the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights and ARIJ; and has been as source of funding for Al Mezan, which was involved in its development.
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