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"But the fact that HRW’s work on Israel constitutes only 15 per cent of its 17 country Middle East division – if indeed that is a fact – shows that Bernstein’s criticism is well-founded: the proportionate level of resources would be 5.9 per cent, not 15 per cent. In fact, the claim of 15 per cent is at best misleading. For example, this year up until the end of October, HRW published 284 documents on the Middle East and North Africa. Of these, 88 (31 per cent) dealt with Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Gaza. By comparison, only 39 documents focus on Iran. And of these 88 documents, five are full-length reports, versus only three on Saudi Arabia, two on the United Arab Emirates, and one each for seven other countries. Haroon Siddiqui is certainly correct that the same rights standards should apply to all countries. It would appear, however, that HRW is being selectively tough on Israel."