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"There’s a certain asymmetry in the international demonization of Israel. Organizations like Human Rights Watch [HRW] get to make things up out of whole cloth, but Israel has to spend precious resources disproving the charges. By the time the nonsense is debunked, the news cycle is long gone. And nobody publishes "turns out, Israel didn’t commit war crimes after all" articles. In addition, anti-Israel academics just repeat the myths anyway since they can just footnote the original report." "Earlier this month, HRW published a study pointing out that, yes, Hamas did in fact try to kill Israeli civilians. Rather than let that simmer for a while, it quickly published a brand new "Israel shot at civilians waving white flags" report. This way, it can say "we release reports on both sides" – which is what it did in its Lebanon "white flags" incident – without bringing up how its anti-Israel reports are (a) more numerous, (b) mostly false and (c) timed to starve any anti-Hizbullah or anti-Hamas reports of coverage." "Which is not to say that HRW is outrightly making the whole thing up. It could be that its vaunted Palestinian witnesses are the ones making it up. Of course HRW representatives wrote that they used "ballistic evidence found at the scene, medical records of victims and lengthy interviews with multiple witnesses." Except ballistic evidence and medical records can’t establish anything about white flags and by "multiple" they mean "three" and by "witnesses" they mean "embittered people who hate Israel." But other than that – solid. This is the third anti-Israel report that HRW has published on Operation Cast Lead. At least HRW’s Saudi funders are getting their money’s worth."