In the Media: Belgium

Below is a compilation of articles highlighting NGO Monitor’s contributions to the broader conversation about NGOs, funding, and accountability in Belgium.  These include blogs and op-eds written by NGO Monitor and staff, as well as articles citing NGO Monitor, or otherwise relevant to our mission.

Belgian-funded UPJN hosts event on “the cage of Gaza”

NGO Monitor, March 2, 2017

UPJB, which receives funding from the Belgian government, will host an event that presents an extremely biased view of the Arab-Israeli conflict

Belgian Politicians and Israeli Organizations (Hebrew) and in English

Gerald Steinberg, YNet, February 14, 2017

“The conflict between Charles Michel, Belgian Prime Minister, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the issue of funding for organizations involved in the conflict and accusations of “Israeli” war crimes allegedly emphasizes the sensitivity of the issue, and the need to focus on the data and headlines. For many years, the Belgian government together with Britain and most Western European governments, have transferred millions each year to organizations that supposedly are “non-governmental.””

Netanyahu rebuked the Belgian Prime Minister who met with leftist groups (Hebrew)

NRG, February 8, 2017

“According to NGO Monitor, during 2016, Belgium tranferred indirectly more than a million shekels to organizations like “Breaking the Silence”, which received 250 thousand shekels last year.”

Netanyahu to Belgium: “Stop funding leftist groups” (Hebrew)

Ariel Kahana, NRG, February 07, 2017

“According to the data of the organization NGO Monitor, a research institute that provides information about the activities of NGOs in the field of human rights and humanitarian aid, the Belgian government currently doesn’t transfer direct funding to radical leftist organizations. However, during 2016, indirectly funds have been transferred to organizations for more than a million shekels.”

Netanyahu calls on Belgian Pm to cut funding for anti-Israel groups

Lidar Gravé-Lazi, The Jerusalem Post, February 07, 2017

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with his Belgian counterpart, Charles Michel, on Tuesday, calling on him to cut his country’s support for anti-Israel organizations.
In a meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu asked that the Belgian government stop funding and indirectly backing organizations that “act against IDF soldiers and against the State of Israel.””

European Funded NGOs linked to PFLP Terror Network, IBA News (Hebrew)

NGO Monitor, November 22, 2016

Report from IBA News based on NGO Monitor research, European Funded NGOs linked to PFLP Terror Network

[Opinion] Unraveling the Belgian BDS connection

Professor Gerald M. Steinberg, The Times of Israel, September 25, 2016

Gerald Steinberg explains that the case of Brigitte Herremans and Broederlijk Delen is an example of the dangers and consequences of entrusting radical ideologues with public funds that are used to fuel conflict and hate

Brigitte Herremans on radicalizing Israel (Flemish)

Brigitte Herremans, Mondiaal Niews, September 12, 2016

Peace activist Brigitte Herremans from Israel put after night in jail (Flemish)

Knack, September 12, 2016

Belgian BDS NGO Activist Denied Entry to Israel

NGO Monitor, September 12, 2016

Brigitte Herremans, a member of Broederlijk Delen’s “Lobbying Department,” was denied entry to Israel as part of Israel’s policy of denying entry to activists involved in BDS.