In the Media: Finland

Below is a compilation of articles highlighting NGO Monitor’s contributions to the broader conversation about NGOs, funding, and accountability in Finland.  These include blogs and op-eds written by NGO Monitor and staff, as well as articles citing NGO Monitor, or otherwise relevant to our mission.

Professor in Israeli paper: Ahtisaari’s organization could have broken the law on terrorism (Finnish)

Anna Egutkina, Iltaehti, January 24, 2017

“Non-governmental organization established in Jerusalem, Professor Gerald Steinberg said to the Jerusalem Post publication, that he thought the way the European authorities use the funding for non-governmental chaos in the Middle East is of great concern. This is a new form of colonialism, as in this case, where the Finnish and Swiss governments are involved. This case shows that terrorists can use the activities of NGOs to protect themselves, and there is no excuse for it, Steinberg said.”

Finnish NGO In Violation Of Terrorism Law For Funding Hamas Parlay?

Benjamin Weinthal, The Jerusalem Post, January 22, 2017

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, the head of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday: “The ways in which European officials use NGO funding in the chaotic Middle East is very disturbing. This is the new form of colonialism and, as this case involving the governments of Finland and Switzerland shows, NGO activities can be used as a cover by terrorists — for which there is no excuse.”