In the Media: Norway

Below is a compilation of articles highlighting NGO Monitor’s contributions to the broader conversation about NGOs, funding, and accountability in Norway.  These include blogs and op-eds written by NGO Monitor and staff, as well as articles citing NGO Monitor, or otherwise relevant to our mission.

Norwegian-Funded PNGO Glorifies Terrorism and Condemns Norway

NGO Monitor, June 29, 2017

PNGO, a network of Palestinian NGOs whose member organizations include several groups with alleged ties to the PFLP terrorist organizations, continues to receive European funding, despite its glorification of terrorism.

Norway Condemns Use of Funding to Youth Center Glorifying Terrorist

NGO Monitor, May 29, 2017

Norway has strongly condemned a WATC youth center named after a terrorist, and has demanded that all funding allocated to the center be repaid. This is an important example for other government funders of groups that glorify terrorism.

Second city in Norway adopts resolution calling for residents to boycott goods from the West Bank

European Jewish Press, December 18, 2016

European Funded NGOs linked to PFLP Terror Network, IBA News (Hebrew)

NGO Monitor, November 22, 2016

Report from IBA News based on NGO Monitor research, European Funded NGOs linked to PFLP Terror Network

National Theater of Norway’s Meek Response to Hate Video

NGO Monitor, September 26, 2016

A video purporting to be from the government-funded National Theatre of Norway endorses BDS against Israel, highlighting the need for greater oversight of Norwegian funding to activities that contradict government policies.

Norway Gives Money to Group Funding BDS Campaigns

Sean Savage and Alina Dain Sharon, Jewish Voice, September 7, 2016

[Opinion] The Knights of the BDS order

Lena Bakman, Israel Hayom, September 01, 2016

Lena Bakman explains how Norway’s funding of the IHL Secretariat will in turn be used to support groups that promote BDS and other forms of demonization.

Norway, stick to polar bears

Judith Bergman, Israel Hayom, September 1, 2016

Norway gives money to group funding BDS campaigns

Sean Savage and Alina Dain Sharon, JNS, August 30, 2016

Watchdog: Norway Should Cut Funding to Organization That Funnels Money to Pro-BDS Groups

Barney Breen-Portnoy, Algemeiner, August 29, 2016

Norway budgeted half-a-million dollars to BDS supporters (Hebrew)

Ariel Kahana, NRG, August 29, 2016