Amnesty International beats around the bush in a major way when the subject is antisemitism or the anti-Israel lobby. That impression remains after the Never Again Auschwitz-lecture by Irene Khan, secretary-general of Amnesty.


Also Amnesty has been asked to promote a (Durban review) conference without antisemtic incidents. But Amnesty does not want to sign that petition. In short, the Human Rights organization does not want to promise beforehand that they, at a conference against amongst other things antisemitism, will make a stand against antisemitic incidents.

Irene Khan refused, after receiving her award, to answer the questions of the NIW about the upcoming Durban review conference. The Dutch chapter of Amnesty also can’t say anything about possible resistance against a repeat of antisemitic moves at the Durban II conference; “We don’t know anything about that”. Amnesty office Amsterdam refers us to the London head office, but the people there also wrap themselves in a cloud of mystery; “We did not decide on a policy on that yet” is all the press officer wants to say.