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"One thing the enemies of the Jewish state have learned in their 60-year jihad against Israel is that Arab armaments alone have been insufficient to complete the task. Equally effective, at least since the 1990s with the creation of an International Criminal Court (ICC), has been the reframing and manipulation of concepts of international rights law to hobble Israel’s ability to secure its borders and citizenry and to defend itself against unrelenting Palestinian terrorism. Led by non-government organizations (NGOs) with an obsessive mission of hobbling Israel, this new “soft” assault on the Jewish state has been termed ‘lawfare,’ what the Council of Foreign Relations defined in 2003 as ‘a strategy of using or misusing law as a substitute for traditional military means to achieve military objectives.’ Anne Herzberg, legal advisor to the watchdog group NGO Monitor, has more recently described in an extensive study how lawfare is now being used as a diplomatic weapon almost exclusively against Israel, how it has become ‘a non-military means of warfare to advance the Palestinian cause, and to deter future acts of Israeli self-defense against terror.’"