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If something goes without saying, it goes even better for being said. A valuable survey of the second-class condition of women in Arab countries appears in the NGO Monitor report that was issued in December, 2013.

The NGO Monitor Report discusses the issues concerning discrimination against women. It correctly blames Western human rights organizations, such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, for their lack of sustained advocacy on behalf of women’s rights and for their refusal to give the question of women’s rights the prominence it deserves.

Instead of concentrating on issues of freedom and equality for Arab women, these human rights organizations eagerly pounce on alleged abuses of democratic nations — the Western countries and the State of Israel.

Human rights activists have painted themselves as concerned with inequality in the Arab countries by focusing on relatively minor issues and bestowing excessive praise when minor reforms are put in place.

But they have not tried to tackle the elephant in the room: the elimination of systematic discrimination against women. The time is long overdue for them to do so.