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It was once the case that The Lancet, one of the oldest and most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the United Kingdom, was merely a forum for publishing suspect and unreliable research.

Today, The Lancet is embroiled in controversy once more. On July 23, the journal published “An open letter for the people of Gaza” in its correspondence section. Authored by medical professionals on behalf of 24 signatories, most of them from Italy and the UK, the letter denounced “what we witness in the aggression of Gaza by Israel.”

The principal author of the letter was Dr. Paola Manduca, Professor of Genetics at the University of Genoa in Italy. Manduca is a member of the Google group “Sempre Contro la Guerra.” Last month, the Israeli watchdog organization NGO Monitor revealed in an extensive report that Manduca posted an email to the group from Swee Ang that contained a link to a video made by the infamous American white supremacist David Duke.