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"Meanwhile, NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based organization that draws attention to what it regards as the nongovernmental organizations’ ‘exploitation’ of human rights values for political agendas, is fighting in Israel’s corner. After seeing a copy of the report before its February 23 release, the group condemned it as ‘another example of Amnesty’s double standards and anti-Israel bias exploiting the language of international law.’
Gerald Steinberg, the group’s executive director and chair of political studies at Bar-Ilan University, charged that Amnesty has become party to the ‘political warfare’ against Israel. The report is the ‘culmination of the process’ of nongovernmental organizations using their influence to delegitimize Israel, he said. According to Steinberg, the report employs a ‘pseudo even-handedness’ to reach a ‘specific policy goal’ of isolating Israel and arrives at its conclusions by ‘defining the terms of reference to suit.’ Amnesty’s insistence that an aggressor-defender discussion is not relevant to the report is ‘fundamentally immoral,’ Steinberg argued. ‘They are taking a small point on which they can attack Israel while intentionally ignoring the wider picture, which is absurd and immoral. There is no symmetry, and placing Hamas and Israel in the same basket is ridiculous.’"