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Click here to read NGO Monitor’s factsheet, “Authors of Anti-Israel Letter in The Lancet Promote Antisemitic Video by White Supremacist David Duke” (September 10, 2014).


What’s interesting is the fact, as revealed by NGO Monitor, that both Manduca and Ang, from the Lancet letter, spoke highly of Duke’s film and warmly recommended it – at the same time they were launching their anti-Israel initiative.

Manduca wrote: “See this video before it is removed from circulation – Please do pass on to others who you think would be interested and would pass on. The whole world needs to know.” Hurry, hurry, because the Zionists may take the video down. They control the global media after all. Their control is so absolute, so much so that the anti-Semitic video still remains on YouTube.

The radical left and extreme right are divided on numerous issues. Yet when it comes to one particular issue, they are remarkably united – hatred for Israel and support for Hamas. Some would call it anti-Zionism. Its true name, unmasked, is anti-Semitism.