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"He acknowledges that the Mada grants were “first brought to my attention as the result of an inquiry by NGO Monitor, an Israeli advocacy group,” in late January. Shortly afterward, IDRC management received a communication from the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon, also inquiring about Mada. Mr. Malone launched an internal inquiry to determine what, if anything, NGO Monitor had written about Mada." "The IDRC learned that NGO Monitor had reported scathingly about a poster it claimed Mada had produced. The poster depicts an Israeli soldier with his hand in front of a Palestinian woman’s chest and the provocative caption: “The occupation penetrates her life everyday.” “Mada al-Carmel publishes crude posters with images of an Israeli soldier touching the breasts of an Arab woman,” wrote NGO Monitor’s president, Gerald Steinberg." "“Even if Mada is not responsible for the poster itself, it still is part of a whole network of organizations that accuse Israel of sexually abusing Arab women, and that’s false,” Mr. Steinberg said." "Mr. Steinberg denies that was ever his goal. “We didn’t consciously go after Mada, and we certainly didn’t lobby the Canadian government to end Mada’s funding.” “We simply made an inquiry, and the fact that it apparently triggered an investigation and a decision to end Mada’s funding is an internal Canadian matter.”"