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[Dalit] Baum and anti-Israel BDS campaigners are attempting to manipulate the concept of corporate social responsibility to advance their highly discriminatory anti-Zionist ideology. Baum masks her single-minded agenda against Israel through loose language such as “universal human rights,” which, as seen through her actions, are far from universal.

The clear evidence notwithstanding, Baum dismisses any claim of an obsession with demonization and divestment from Israel, instead insisting that “no unique focus on Israel exists.” But the online tool created by Baum (as discussed in The Forward’s article) to help investors identify companies involved in “specific severe human rights violations” includes only violations related to “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank or to mass incarceration in the United States.” Baum has consistently disregarded similar issues in Cyprus, Ukraine, Iraq, and many other conflicts and contexts.

Baum inadvertently highlights the hypocrisy of BDS and the discriminatory targeting of Israel and companies that do business with or in Israel. For Baum and her allies, corporate social responsibility is simply the latest catchphrase used for political warfare against Jewish self-determination in Israel.