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“A German foundation that seeks to combat Jew-hatred and carry forward the memories of the victims of the Nazi period has enabled teenage students to draw crude pictures of Israeli Jewish pupils as part of a German and Israeli Arab high-school exchange program. The revelation that a Holocaust foundation funneled public money to hardcore anti-Israel educational activities unleashed criticism last week from the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor group and German experts on academic anti- Semitism.”

“Anne Herzberg, legal adviser for NGO Monitor, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday, “The reported use of German government funding for a student project that produced anti-Semitic images is deplorable, and shows a complete lack of judgment and oversight.” Herzberg added, “Instead of utilizing the funding to compensate victims of the Nazis and educate about the horrors of the regime, as it was intended, money was redirected to a project for Arab and German students that both presented and fostered a distorted view of the Arab-Israeli conflict.””

“Herzberg, from NGO Monitor, said, “When the German students visited Nazareth, for example, they learned ‘about the lands that the Palestinians no longer possess due to the Jewish occupation.’ The same student who wrote this account also makes comparisons about the suffering of ‘both the Arabs and the Germans.’ “It is the height of absurdity that the German government would allow this funding to continue. The funding should stop immediately and a complete evaluation of all committee members and funding mechanisms should begin,” Herzberg said.”

““In the many instances of government funding being misused by non-governmental organizations, this, clearly, is one of the saddest,” Herzberg said. “Victims of the Nazi regime have every right to this funding and their full compensation – it is the German government’s responsibility to ensure that this occurs.””