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"Gerald Steinberg is on the offensive. The Israeli politics professor will visit London next week to urge action by British Jews against the "demonisation" of Israel by well-respected charities.
Dr Steinberg went on to head the group, NGO Monitor, now at the forefront of calls to bring Israeli and international NGOs to account." "He claims NGOs take advantage of a "halo effect" and are "given the status of impartial moral watchdogs" by governments and the media. He believes many are "highly political organisations" with an anti-Israel agenda. In Britain, he says, some of the biggest-name charities fit this bill. Oxfam "delegitimises Israel through its support of boycotts". War on Want "pushes people to apply demonising labels to Israel". Amnesty International "has challenged Israel’s right to self defence by proposing an arms embargo". In Dr Steinberg’s analysis, these activities represent "third generation warfare" against Israel, following traditional warfare and terrorism. During his London tour he will call on British Jews to "name and shame" NGOs they deem to act inappropriately towards Israel."