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Why is a self-styled “Jewish organization” collaborating with rabid anti-Israel campaigners, including anti-Semites? This is a question that Oakland, Calif.-based Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) should answer, as it played a leading role in this week’s two pronged anti-Israel campaign, “Shut Down AIPAC” and “Skip the Speech,” in Washington, DC.

JVP, whose funding sources are a complete mystery, partnered with the radical organizations CODEPINK, If Americans Knew, Sabeel, and the Answer Coalition.

Why does JVP associate itself with such radical, hateful organizations? Perhaps it is because they share the same goal: Israel’s demise. To this end, JVP advances a one-sided anti-Israel narrative, refers to Israel as an “apartheid” state, and lobbies to distance the United States from Israel. JVP views itself as the “Jewish wing of the Palestinian Solidarity movement” and is an integral part of this anti-Israel coalition, serving as its “Jewish shield,” washing away the moral stain of anti-Semitism from their partners’ records.

Given JVP’s emphatic statement that “as Jews, we have no tolerance for anti-Semitism,” the organization should be the first to speak out against its allies’ anti-Semitic rhetoric. Yet JVP remains silent, showing it has a blind spot when anti-Jewish hate emanates from its anti-Israel comrades. This willingness to consort with anti-Semites hiding behind an anti-Zionist façade says much more about JVP’s character than Israel, the sole target of its vitriolic and obsessive criticism.