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Dear Minister Barth Eide,

Over the past ten years, we have spoken a number of times about Israel and the region. While we did not always agree, I thought that your views on these issues reflected a constructive approach.

This includes your willingness to listen and engage in conversation on the counterproductive agendas of powerful political NGOs funded by the Norwegian government, including the Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian People’s Aid (Folkehjelp), and Palestinian groups using the facades of human rights and peace.

It is for this reason I am very troubled by your statements and policies in recent months, in the shadow of the inhuman and incomprehensible brutality of the October 7 pogrom and slaughter.

This was not a remote event for us – every Israeli was and continues to be directly traumatized. We went to funerals of mothers who were cruelly slaughtered, and seek to comfort their children as well as the families of hostages who have been tortured in Gaza for almost eight months.