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“The worst crisis in decades” scream the pundits as President Biden blocks delivery of crucial weapons to Israel in order to stop the push into Rafah. Moreover, if Israel goes forward over the American objections, Biden threatened to freeze other “offensive weapons.” The ostensible reason is concern over civilian casualties and images of hunger (even starvation) expected from a full-scale Israeli attack and siege of southern Gaza.

On CNN, Biden declared “I’ve made it clear to Bibi and the war cabinet: They’re not going to get our support if they go [into] these population centers.”

Many Israelis, and not only Netanyahu and his supporters, as well as American politicians and Jewish leaders, denounced Biden for going back on his emphatic pledges to do everything necessary to help Israel defend itself, defeat Hamas and return the hostages. House Speaker Johnson and Senate Minority Leader McConnell condemned the policy that “flies in the face of assurances provided regarding the timely delivery of security assistance to Israel” and “call[s] into question your pledge that your commitment to Israel’s security will remain ironclad.”