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Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor revealed that a Tel Aviv conference held Sept. 29-30 by Zochrot, an Israeli NGO promoting Palestinian narratives including the “Nakba” (“catastrophe,” referring to Israel’s victory in the 1948 war) and the “right of return,” was funded primarily by European organizations.

On its website, Zochrot states its belief that peace will come only after Israel is “decolonized.” Conference funders from Europe included Christian Aid, CCFD, Broederlijk Delen, Oxfam GB, and others. “As an organization engaging in development and peace-building… refugee rights… are of utmost importance to us,” CCFD said in a statement.

According to Chief Programs Officer for NGO Monitor Yitzhak Santis, Zochrot’s one-state vision amounts to “a call for the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

“These Christian funders are targeting Israel… This point is all the more pertinent considering the ethnic cleansing by Arab governments of 99 percent of their Jewish citizens after 1948…. these Christian groups are mute about the rights of nearly a million Jewish refugees from Arab states,” Santis said.