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"On Wednesday, a coalition of nine Israeli human rights groups called for a probe of whether the Israeli military had committed war crimes in the Gaza attack. Fred Abrahams with Human Rights Watch says both Hamas and Israel have likely violated the rules of war. But he notes that researchers continue to be denied access to Gaza. Mr. FRED ABRAHAMS (Senior Emergencies Researcher, Human Rights Watch): We’re getting serious and consistent allegations of violations of the laws of war. But you need to investigate. You need to find out where was Hamas? Were they among the civilian population? What type of weapon did Israel use? Did they take all feasible precautions to minimize civilian harm? Those are the kinds of research that must be done on the ground. And we’re blocked. We can’t get in, along with the media." "WESTERVELT: That’s Israeli analyst Gerald Steinberg of Bar Ilan University. He calls the Israeli human rights abuse allegations exaggerated and political."