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But Professor Gerald Steinberg, president of Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, said Corrie’s parents should now shift their focus towards the pro-Palestinian group International Solidarity Movement that Corrie had volunteered with, suggesting they may have deliberately put her in harm’s way to garner more publicity for their cause.

He said: “Rachel Corrie’s death was a tragedy, but it could have been prevented. Leaders of the ISM movement have repeatedly made statements in support of violence.”

“ISM describes itself as ‘a Palestinian-led movement committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using nonviolent, direct-action methods and principles.’

“ISM’s cynical and immoral strategy endangers the lives of its members. ISM co-founder Thomas Saffold showed an utter lack of regret over Corrie’s death, boasting afterwards that ‘we’re like a peace army. Generals send young men and women off to operations, and some die.’

“Her bereaved parents should address the ISM for causing her wrongful death, and not target the IDF that is charged with protecting Israeli civilians against terrorism.

“Despite the casualties, ISM continues to encourage activists’ entry into conflict zones, further endangering them.

“Rachel Corrie’s parents are compounding the tragedy by lending their names to the immoral campaigns to demonise Israel.”