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Arguably, the new form of antisemitism began in 2001 at the Durban Conference in South Africa, where an army of NGOs (non-government organizations) declared a political war against Israel. Since then, the anti-Israel campaign in the form of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) strategy was widely implemented by many human rights NGOs who are mostly funded by European governments. These NGOs claim to act for human rights agenda, but as NGO Monitor’s research shows, they employ the “halo effect” to hide their political agenda against Israel as a nation state for the Jewish people. The atmosphere of hate speech and demonization against Israel that is promoted by these NGOs creates an environment that fosters antisemitic attacks.

Another dimension of this campaign is the spread of BDS in churches, where, in some cases, antisemitic attitudes are again being masked as anti-Israel activism, as shown by NGO Monitor’s research on the “BDS in the Pews“.