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"The Obama administration’s decision not to attend the Durban Review Conference, scheduled to open in Geneva on April 21, is a very significant step toward ending the obsessive ‘soft-power attacks’ against Israel and restoring the moral foundations of human rights. If Washington’s conclusion leads the Europeans to a similar move, the conference might be cancelled, or, if it is held, it will be seen as a farce, with participants limited to Iran, Libya, their Muslim allies and some marginal states. At first, the announcement that the US would send Felice Gaer and Betty King to Geneva to negotiate the draft declaration led to fears of an unlimited commitment to engagement – red lines would become pink, and then disappear entirely. However, their harsh encounter with the reality of anti-Semitism and the singling out of Israel in the Durban process resulted in the realization that the Canadian and Israeli evaluations were correct, and that non-participation was the only moral option. The way has now been cleared for Europe to follow the US. At the recent London Interparliamentary Conference on Anti-Semitism, officials from Italy and Britain declared that their governments were considering a pullout, but would await the results of the American delegation’s talks in Geneva."