Economics and Israeli Apartheid: E.U.-Israel Economic Association Agreement(February 25, 2008 interview with John Hilary of War on Want, Tadamon Blog). 

[Excerpt from Interview:]  

“[John Hilary:] E.U.-Israel association agreement is an agreement that gives preferences to Israeli exports, so that Israeli industrial exports into the E.U. come in duty free, while Israeli agricultural imports come into Europe facing much lower tariffs than they would face going into other countries. 

For us this is a particular problem because within the terms of the E.U.-Israel association agreement, article II says very clearly that the whole agreement is conditional on the respect of human rights by both Israel and the European Union. Clearly in the case of Israel, as the U.N. has documented, there is a well documented abuse of human rights, and yet the European Union continues to reward Israel with this preferential treatment.”