On July 17, 2009,  in  the International Law Observer, David McGrogan suggests that HRW and other NGOs do not deliberately target Israel or use double standards, but rather blames "the untrustworthy nature of media reporting on the Israel/Palestine issue, which is all too frequently exaggerated, bombastic, and inaccurate." Systematic examination of the record shows that the influence and the untrustworthy reporting goes the other way – from HRW to the media. There are numerous examples. In the 2006 Lebanon war’s infamous Qana incident, HRW reported over 50 “civilian deaths” for which it condemned Israel, and the media copied this without independent fact checking, as highlighted by a Harvard study. This was a false report (the ICRC reported 28 bodies, of which some were probably Hezbollah – nobody outside Lebanon knows, certainly not HRW “researchers”). Similarly, if you read the the recent HRW reports on the Gaza war re alleged use of WP and drones, you will find that they are examples of targeting Israel and making the case with a combination of  speculation and unverifiable Palestinian “eyewitness” testimony. Re agenda bias, NGO Monitor’s systematic studies show HRW’s major reports and PR campaigns are focused on Israel, and brief criticism of the Saudis is “fire and forget”. As difficult as it may be to look beyond the halo, the evidence shows that HRW, in particular, does target Israel.