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"Dr. Shimon Samuels, head of the international department of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Paris, asked in a letter sent to the United Kingdom Charity Commission on Thursday that an inquiry be mounted into Amnesty’s non-profit status. Pending the outcome of the inquiry, Samuels asked UK Charity Commission chairwoman Dame Susan Leather to order that Amnesty’s “tax privileges be suspended and that the organization be treated by the Charity Commission as any other alien political agency with an address of convenience in the UK.” According to Samuels, “AI, on its Web site, indicates its London address as the focal point for its global fundraising campaign. It is therefore clear that AI, through its various representations, must comply with the audit requirements and values enunciated by the Charity Commission.” Citing Johansson’s description of Israel as a “scum state” in his letter, Samuels wrote that “AI is apparently reluctant to modify its constant and obsessive assaults on the State of Israel, even when it reaches such despicable depths. It is thus complicit by omission in the anti-Semitic statements of its Finnish representative.” Susanna Flood, a spokeswoman for Amnesty in London, told the Post by email, “We do not consider that this instance provides grounds to call into question either Amnesty International’s integrity and commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights or, indeed, its charitable status in the UK.”"