On May 6, 2021, Israeli security officials revealed that massive amounts of funding from European governments for supposedly humanitarian projects in the West Bank and Gaza were diverted to the PFLP terrorist organization. A series of NGO grantees – at this point only Health Work Committees (HWC) has been made public – fabricated aid projects in order to channel funds to the PFLP and to support its terror activities.

According to the Israeli Security Agency (Shabak), NGOs tied to the PFLP, including HWC, implemented an elaborate scheme that included “reporting fictitious projects, presenting false documents, forgery and inflating invoices and receipts… forging bank documents and bank seals,” and a variety of other methods.

This was done in order to provide money for “the families of PFLP ‘martyrs’, salaries of PFLP members, recruitment of new members, advancing terror activity,” amongst other purposes.

As revealed previously by NGO Monitor, HWC staff members, founders, board members, general assembly members, and senior staff members have ties to the PFLP terror group. (For more information on HWC’s PFLP ties, read NGO Monitor’s report “Health Work Committee’s Ties to the PFLP Terrorist Organization.”)

Notably, HWC finance and administration manager Walid Hanatsheh, is already on trial for allegedly leading PFLP “military” operations and commanding the PFLP terror cell that murdered an Israeli civilian in an August 2019 bombing attack.  Following his arrestthe PFLP labeled Hanatsheh a “leader in the Popular Front.”