Dear Dr. Cherny,

As I told Rachel Liel on Wednesday, and repeat to you, many people say many things in private and in public, and they may believe these claims to be true, but this does not constitute reliable information, particularly in the political realm. As a research organization, NGO Monitor reports are always based on verifiable data, and the latest NIF grant information lists CWP as having received almost $300,000 from 2006-2009. (I believe we all agree that this was not a wise decision, to understate the case.)  In addition to this grant, CWP’s website continues to state that NIF accepts tax-exempt donations in the U.S., UK, and Switzerland on their behalf and on behalf of the “Who profits?” project.

Assuming that you and your colleagues responsible for NIF decision making now realize that this was a major error, and have indeed ended such funding, why has your organization not published its grant information for 2010 and 2011, and demonstrated publicly and clearly that all NIF funding — direct and indirect — for CWP and other groups actively promoting BDS has ended? Certainly, if this policy change has now taken place, and NIF denounces CWP’s activities, you and others at NIF should make this public. I can assure you that NGO Monitor will update our reports and inform our readers once the current grant information is available. 

Finally, I reiterate my suggestion that we meet to discuss our different views of these very important issues. Perhaps we will be able to overcome our differences, and work together in a constructive manner of the basis of shared Jewish and Zionist values. I look forward to this discussion, when you are ready to participate.

Shabbat shalom


Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg
1 Ben Maimon
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972 (0)2 5661020