A December 7, 2007 Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) article reveals that a new foundation, the ‘Israel Independence Fund’,  meant to provide an alternative to the New Israel Fund (NIF), will be set up by Israeli Nobel Laureate (Economics) Robert Aumann and Daphne Netanyahu, an Israeli law professor and Benjamin Natanyahu’s sister-in-law.  According to the article, "Israel Independence Fund leaders say that Jews across the world have essentially been duped into giving their support to socially progressive NGOs that in reality promote anti-Zionist ideals."

The article highlights growing criticism of the NIF and notes the support it has received from the Ford Foundation: "Most of the criticism was levied at the New Israel Fund, which gives away about $25 million per year to progressive groups in Israel and has funded more than 800 NGOs since it started 28 years ago…The New Israel Fund has received gifts and pledges of $40 million from the Ford Foundation to help Israeli Arabs and Palestinians."

As detailed analysis by NGO Monitor has shown, NIF grants are influenced by radicals whose private agendas have been overwhelmingly rejected by Israeli voters. To read NGO Monitor’s latest reporting on the NIF, click here.